10 Best Body Pillow Review and Top Picks

At first, a body pillow may seem unusual to you, particularly when you’ve never used one before.

However, the fact is that body pillows, or full-body pillows can work wonders for your health.

They are best at relieving back pain, neck pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, as well as pregnancy pain.

They offer much relief from snoring problems. They offer the much-needed support for your shoulders, hips, and ankles thereby keeping you comfortable all throughout the night.

Herein, we have featured a detailed guide that lists out 10 Best Full Body Pillows.

The article also explains why you need a full-body pillow and how you should choose the best body pillow.

Let’s get started with this guide on the best body pillow.

What is a Full Body Pillow?

A full body pillow is an oversized pillow.

It is designed and shaped to provide your body with extraordinary comfort, and a blissful night’s sleep.

These are mattress-sized pillows that go on to mold themselves into your body shape providing total support to your back. They help to eliminate pain at pressure points like the elbows or knees.

These full-body pillows cradle you inside them securely and thereby eliminate the chances of tossing and turning at night.

Who should get a body pillow?

The biggest plus with a body pillow is that anyone can enjoy cuddling with them. Usually, a full body pillow is shaped like a standard pillow but is twice as long.

In fact, a full body pillow can take up as much space as another person. It can spread across the entire width of a queen-size bed.

That said body pillows tend to be beneficial and comfortable for side sleepers as well as stomach sleepers. They are also useful (offer comfort and support) for people with injuries or pain.

A body pillow provides ample support for side-sleepers.

They can find it comfortable to hug a body pillow going on to reduce pressure on the bottom shoulder and arm. They can even tuck the body pillow between the knees thereby preventing the pelvis from tilting forward or backward.

The muscle fibers can get overstretched if you don’t use a body pillow between your legs.

So, a body pillow keeps the ankles separated and parallel thereby offering you much comfort during the night.

Moreover, by using a body pillow, you feel as if you’re sleeping on your stomach.

With a body pillow, you don’t have to lie flat, and thus the possibility of straining the neck muscles is greatly reduced.

Well, you may lie on your side and have the body pillow pressed along your front.

A body pillow can be very useful for stomach-sleepers. They can take a body pillow and hug it against their stomach. So, they can have the comfort of something up against their belly.

Plus, a body pillow can be the best thing when you need extra support during sleep. For instance, pregnant women often need to sleep on their sides.

A body pillow can be very useful for them as it can provide extra support under their belly, for their hips, knees, ankles, and along their backs.

Similarly, body pillows can help relieve injuries or pain. It can relieve pressure on the hip, and on the shoulder.

Now, let’s see the top 10 Best Body Pillows. For more information about body pillow like why to choose body pillow and what to look in a full body pillow, please find the information after the list.

Here’s the list to you:

Top 10 Best Body Pillow for Entire Body

1. Leachco Snoogle Full Body Pillow

It’s a horseshoe-shaped total body pillow from Leachco Snoogle that takes the place of multiple pillows supporting hips, neck, and tummy.

Snoogle offers this patented design that was developed by a registered nurse and Mom. It offers the opportunity to enjoy the cuddling comfort and best support without the extra body heat.

This total body pillow that supports your back goes between your knees for temperature control and can prop up your head aiding in breathing.

It’s also good for pregnant women who need tummy support. The Snoogle has a unique design that follows the natural shape and contour of your body from head to toe. It’s the best body pillow for sleeping and relaxing.

It comes complete with a washable and removable cover. With this Snoogle horseshoe-shaped head pillow, you can easily attain the height and position that is just perfect for you.

The midsection is long enough to give you total back or tummy support. Its slightly curved ends can tuck between the knees to conform to the shape of your body thus keeping you cool and comfortable all night long.

Leachco Snoogle Body Pillow

2. Microbead Body Pillow with Silky Smooth Removable Cover by Squishy Deluxe

Squishy Deluxe presents a uniquely designed Microbead full body pillow that comes with a silky smooth, removable cover. This full body pillow has a squishy feeling and proves ultra-luxurious, soft, and comfortable.

The pillow is made with the smallest Microbead available making it firm enough for excellent support. It is even soft enough to move around and bend easily.

The pillow has a circular shape that proves perfect for bending and twisting. It is for this reason that pregnant ladies find it extremely useful for sleeping during pregnancy. It can also be used for propping yourself up while breastfeeding once the baby is born. It proves much use as a bed and a couch pillow.

A removable pillowcase has been provided with this body pillow that has a silky smooth touch. The pillowcase has a zipper. So, it can be unzipped easily for removing the pillow.
Moreover, the pillow can also be washed in a soft front-loading cycle.

This body pillow is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant. It is completely odor-free and anti-bacterial.

It’s a great bedding product with Squishy Deluxe that has been reasonably priced. It is easily usable and gives a comfortable feeling. It is perfect for sleeping and relaxing as it has been designed as per the natural curved shape of the body.

Squishy Deluxe Body Pillow

3. Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Combination Shredded Memory Foam Full Body Pillow

This Shredded Style Combination Memory Foam Body Pillow from Snuggle-Pedic never goes flat. It comes with Kool-Flow® Soft and Luxurious, Extra Breathable Micro-Vented Pillow Cover that has been made with 43% Viscose of Bamboo, 56.4% Polyester, and 0.6 percent Lycra keeping you cool all night long.

This Snuggle-Pedic Full Body Pillow has been made using Eco-Friendly Biogreen® & Certipur-US Certified Foam. It supports the body for sleeping on the side, stomach, and in between. It is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. It comes without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.

The Snuggle-Pedic body pillow uses a proprietary mix of our very special of very special hypo-allergenic and extremely low V.O.C. Biogreen® memory foam and Certipur-U.S. certified foam. It makes the body pillow extremely soft, fluffy, and more resilient than the standard memory foam pillows found on the market.

Its Bamboo cover along with the soft and fluffy interlocking foam pieces provides good breathability and keeps you cool all night long. You will certainly love his body pillow. Best of all, it lasts throughout the years.

Snuggle-Pedic Body Pillow

4. Pinzon Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Body Pillow with Cotton Zippered Pillowcase

This Pinzon Hypoallergenic down Alternative Body Pillow perfectly fits the natural contours of our body and is ideal for side sleepers. The full-length pillow offers 77.5 ounces of fill and provides luxurious frontal support.

It can be placed behind you for leaning against to support your back. You can even place the pillow between your knees and relieve unnecessary pressure on your spine, back, and hips. Getting comfortable becomes downright easy with this Pinzon down alternative hypoallergenic body pillow.

It is equally good for expectant mothers to offer useful support and conforming to the body as needed. It is lightweight and supple. The down-alternative fill offers breathability and quickly releases body-heat and moisture vapor to the surface for a comfortable night’s sleep.

It is hypoallergenic and so a perfect choice for allergy sufferers. Its down-alternative fill offers the plush feeling without all the feathers. With a 230-Thread-Count Shell, it offers durability, breathability, and softness for a perfect night’s sleep for many years.

Pinzon Body Pillow

5. Aller-Ease Cotton Hypoallergenic Allergy Protection Body Pillow

The Aller-Ease Cotton Body Pillow is the best that you can get when you want to cuddle up for a perfect night’s sleep. It is filled with hypoallergenic fiber and provides the comfort and support that you long for each night.

Moreover, its soft cotton fabric prevents household allergens such as dust and pollen from accumulating in the body pillow.

It has 100 percent cotton cover with hypoallergenic fiberfill. Its allergen resistant fabric blocks out microscopic particles and prevents allergy and asthma symptoms. Its cotton cover is 100% breathable, super soft, and durable.

Using this AllerEase Cotton Body Pillow, you can comfortably support your hips, neck, back, and tummy. It is equally good for pregnant ladies as well as kid’s bedrooms.

Its hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill offers superb comfort and support. Moreover, it is easy to care with machine wash. Best of all, it is reasonably priced to fit in your budget easily.

Aller-Ease Body Pillow

6. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow has been designed to follow the natural curved shape of your body irrespective of the way you like to sleep. It supports a clever mirror-image design, so there’s no need to reposition it during the night.

You can simply turn from side to side. It offers equal support for back and tummy giving you a perfect night’s sleep. It even aligns hips for a neutral position giving relief from the strain on joints. The two ends of the pillow can be stacked creating a “double Decker” upper and lower body support when extra elevation is required.

It comes with a sham-style removable cover that is easy to care with machine wash. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow is equally suitable for pregnant women and offers a comfortable sleeping position so that they can sleep well and wake up without aches!

It is a roughly U shaped pillow with two contoured “legs” allowing you to sleep on your back as well as on either side. It can be easily tucked between your knees and enables you to elevate your head preventing heartburn.

It also helps in relieving carpal tunnel, gastric reflux, sciatica, and nasal congestion. It has been made with cozy, warm polyester and has a custom cover case which can be removed for washing. It weighs 7 lbs and is 51″ in length, 33.5″ in width, and 8.75″ in depth.

Leachco Back Body Pillow

7. Moonlight Slumber – Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

Get a perfect night’s sleep with the Moonlight Slumber Comfort-U Total Body Support Pillow. It helps you to get deep, restful sleep by aligning your hips, neck, back, and shoulders. It regulates body temperature and enhances blood circulation.

It is made with premium synthetic down. It is hypoallergenic and odorless as well as offers relief from dust mites. Its synthetic down stuffing is an “extended polymer” which allows air to flow through the material freely and upholds its shape.

It is an easy to clean, hassle-free body pillow. It does not clump even after repeated washing. It offers complete support for a restful night’s sleep.

It is helpful for soothing aches and pain. It is suitable for seniors who need support for hips, back, neck, or more. It is equally for expectant mothers who need a comfortable position during pregnancy. It is great for anyone who wants luxury comfort day or night.

Moonlight Slumber Body Pillow

8. Total Body Pillow with Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam by Coop Home Goods

The Coop Home Goods Total Body Pillow is perfectly suitable for side sleepers, back sleepers, and pregnant women. It fully adjusts to your unique shape and offers additional support where you need it.

It has been made with CertiPUR-US Certified foam and is devoid of ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead, and heavy metals.
The pillow meets the CertiPUR-US standards for content, emissions, and durability. It has also been analyzed by independent, accredited testing labs.

The Coop Home Goods total body pillow is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. So, it is suitable for allergy sufferers who don’t have to compromise on comfort. It is even safe for pregnancy and maternity use.

Moreover, it turns out to be a perfect full body pillow for adults. Its pillowcase fabric is 40% Viscose Rayon derived from Bamboo and 60% Polyester. It is soft and firm and is a great alternative to down pillows. This full body pillow measures 20″ x 54″.

Coop Home Goods Body Pillow

9. Ultra Soft Body Pillow by Utopia Bedding

This Utopia Bedding full body pillow offers the opportunity to cuddle up in warmth and comfort. It comes in perfect size of 20 by 54 inches to perfectly fit the natural contours of the body keeping your body in the right position while sleeping.

It is a soft Body Pillow with Ball Fiber Filling and offers perfect support for your shoulders, hips, abdomen, and back in bed. Its 100 percent Cotton Cover goes on to make it super soft and durable. It comes with double stitched edges, so there’s no worry for its wear and tear. It can be machine washed. The pillow does not lose its fluffiness.

Utopia Bedding Body Pillow

10. Cheer Collection Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Premium Total Body Pillow

Cheer Collection full body pillow offers all the comfort for a perfect night’s sleep. It allows you to cuddle and relax offering the best comfort and quality that you intend to have a full body pillow. It offers the best support for pregnant women and is equally good at preventing sciatica and lower back pain.

It is perfect for size measuring 19″ x 90″ Total Body Pillow with a Zippered Cover. It can be easily tucked between your knees and relieves back pain. It has a removable zippered cover that can be easily machine washed. Using this total body pillow, you can relieve pressure to many areas of your body.

Cheer Collection Body Pillow

Why are Body Pillows so Useful?

It’s largely due to the excellent support offered by a body pillow that goes on to make it a very useful sleeping tool.

In fact, a full body pillow offers different levels of support for your specific need.

The body pillow can be tucked between your knees; you can cuddle it, and can even straighten your knees, legs, and back to have a comfortable sleep position.

Moreover, body pillows come in different shapes and help in relieving different pains. Persons suffering from back pain find a body pillow to be more comfortable than a traditional head pillow.

Likewise, body pillows are very useful for pregnant women as they offer relief from back pain and offer added support for a comfortable sleep. So, by using a body pillow, you go on to take a big step in relieving your pain every day!

Plus, body pillows will make your body to have a better blood flow at night. You simply need to have a comfortable sleeping position at night.

A full body pillow will make you fall asleep and stay asleep the whole night long without any disturbances.

Choosing the Best Body Pillow

There are plenty of benefits with a body pillow.

That’s fine.

However, you need to make sure that you are getting the best body pillow for most comfort and relief.

Here, we list out a few of the things you need to look for in your body pillow:


Although body pillows are usually long, still there is a wide variety of sizes available with body pillows.

Ideally, you should go for a body pillow that stretches from your head down and past your knees. It will then be comfortable for all parts of your body.


You should be clear about the purpose for which you want to buy a body pillow. In fact, each body pillow comes with its purpose.

Some full-body pillows are meant to relieve back pain or to snore, while others are suitable for pregnant ladies. So, list out your needs before you go to buy a body pillow.

This way, you will make the best choice possible according to your needs.


Typically, flat or straight pillows are the best-known examples of a body pillow. However, there are also other shapes available in body pillows.

For example, Circular body pillows tend to offer firm support and are comfortable for your knees and chest.

Likewise, U-shaped, J-shaped, or C-shaped body pillows give better back, neck, and head support. In fact, U-shaped pillows are a great fit for pregnant ladies as they are most supportive of all.

Body Pillow Stuffing

You need to check out the material on your body pillow.

Some fibers are supportive while others are fluffy.

For example, foam pillows offer much support and keep you comfortable. However, cotton pillows are best for affordability and portability.

We hope that the presentation turns out immensely useful to you. We have offered a good number of choices in full-body pillows in this presentation featuring 10 Best Full Body Pillows. If you liked the post, please go on to share the post with your friends, colleagues, and loved ones. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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