10 Best Knee Pillows for Comfort and Pain Relief

If you are struggling to find a comfortable sleeping position, then a knee pillow can be the perfect answer for a heavenly sleeping experience.

Well, there’s certainly more than just quality pillow and mattress. You need the best knee pillow for getting a good night’s sleep.

In fact, lots of people spend their nights tossing and turning.

They find it hard to sleep during the night.

They experience back or knee pain.

Knee Pain

Moreover, the bony knees bump into each other and create uncomfortable friction as they rub against each other.

It means that you experience difficult and frustrating time falling asleep.

Well, the solution lies in using a knee pillows.

It offers the much-needed support for your body for getting a healthy and comfortable sleeping position.

Knee pillows are useful in reducing hip & back pain.

They turn out to be excellent acquisitions for side sleepers and are also useful in the condition of pregnancy.

They are a prized possession if you have gone through surgery, injury or related condition.

Today, we share with you 10 Best Knee Pillows for Comfort and Pain Relief.

Most of the time people just grab an item and place it under their leg for support.

However, this is not a healthy practice.

It can cause more injuries if the material is wrong or the elevation is too high.

Well, you need the best knee pillow.

With the perfect knee pillow, you get adequate support for your legs, hips and back for a good night’s sleep.

Moreover, knee pillows go on to accelerate the healing process.

Here, we have featured some of the best knee pillows in the market to help you get an appropriate one.

You need to appreciate the fact that proper spine alignment is very much important for getting a heavenly sleep.

In fact, knee pillows aids in proper body alignment.

If you are suffering from aches and pains in the shoulder, neck, back, hips, or knees, it’s because of poor body alignment.

Proper spine alignment helps you to have a good posture and experience a sound and comfortable sleep.

You can use a pillow between your knees and one under your head for keeping your spine aligned.

Who Should Use a Knee Pillow and Why?

Knee Pillows are certainly a prized possession and a valuable investment to benefit your health. Here, we have listed out who all should use a knee pillow and why.

Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers: Side Sleepers benefit much by using a knee pillow. It is so because their sleep position could lead the bony knees to bump into each other during the night.

It could give rise to uncomfortable friction as the knees rub against each other. With a knee pillow together with the right type of side sleeping pillow, you could prevent this from happening.

Knee Pillow for Back Sleepers: For back sleepers, a knee pillow can be effective in relaxing the legs.

It also reduces the tension applied on the lower back. It even aids in proper spine alignment and reduces the pressure on the tailbone.

Knee Pillow During Pregnancy: For pregnant women, a knee pillow helps to keep the body aligned, promotes healthy circulation and provides relaxation. It helps to ease their discomfort.

People who suffer from Back Pain: A Knee Pillow helps to align the legs and reduces the inflammation of the sciatic nerve. It elevates the upper leg and reduces the pain and inflammation.

People suffering from Knee Pain: A knee pillow helps to align the legs and reduces stress on the knees. A knee pillow absorbs the stress and supports them. It offers much comfort during sleep.

People who suffer from Hip Pain: A Knee Pillow prevents the hips from rotating during sleep. It prevents the body from angling over.

People who had some injury or a recent surgery: A knee pillow helps to align the spine, hips, and knees correctly. It helps to align the bone structure for better comfort and pain relief.

People with poor circulation: A knee pillow elevates your legs and facilitates healthy blood flow from the heart to the body.

People who suffer from Spine Misalignment: A knee pillow does wonders in case of spine misalignment. It elevates the body and promotes a healthy sleeping position.

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How to Correctly Position a Knee Pillow?

Well, you need to position your knee pillow correctly to get most out of your knee pillow.

Here’s how you can do it:

Back Sleeper: As a back sleeper, you should place the knee pillow the long way under your knees.

It keeps the knees up and takes the pressure off the spine. Alternatively, you can place the knee pillow under your arms as you lie on your back.

Side Sleeper: As a side sleeper, you need to keep the knee pillow between your knees or thighs. It prevents you from rolling over and helps to maintain a correct position even if you have gone through a leg surgery.

How do Knee Pillows Work?

Getting the best night sleep mainly depends on your ability to maintain the natural curve of the spine. In fact, you have to ensure that the body remains properly aligned during the sleep.

Well, here comes the role of a knee pillow.

A knee pillow helps to reduce the pressure on your lower back and hips. Plus, a knee pillow distributes the pressure evenly throughout the entire body.

By using a knee pillow, you can minimize leg and back tension.

A knee pillow has another positive too.

It relaxes your hamstring muscles.

Knee pillows enhance the leg and back relaxation.

It helps to align the spine and keeps the pelvis and hips in their perfect position.

So, by using a knee pillow, you feel more relaxed than ever before.

Benefits of Knee Pillow

Sleeping with a knee pillow has many benefits.

In fact, “comfort” is the essential need of any person considering 8 hours that is spent in sleeping or relaxing.

A good knee pillow offers proper support during these hours.

It helps to relax your muscles from day to day wear.

It offers proper spinal alignment and maintains your natural curves during sleep.

Knee Pillows eases the pain in your back and spine. It facilitates proper hip alignment and removes the stress from your lower spine.

You need to place a knee pillow between your knees to separate your legs so that they are relieved of stress.

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Top Benefits of a Knee Pillow

  • A good knee pillow offers the much-needed support to reduce pressure on your knees during sleeping. It even helps to reduce muscle tension in your hips and lower back by ensuring correct alignment of the body when sleeping.
  • A good knee pillow helps to secure your lower body by positioning your spine, hips, legs, and knees in the right alignment.
  • A good knee pillow reduces lower back pain and muscle cramps. It diminishes the discomfort associated with sciatica and varicose veins.
  • They elevate the lower body and thus maintain a straight side sleeping position to maximize your comfort and boost the quality of your sleep.
  • Knee pillows enhance blood circulation in the legs. This ensures that you wake up feeling fresh. A good knee pillow also reduces the pressure on your legs by keeping them apart.
  • Knee pillows prevent rotation of your hips during sleep. In fact, during deep sleep stages, it is difficult to control your knee movements.
  • Knee pillows provide pain relief in conditions of osteoporosis. A knee pillow can be used to support your sore joints to ease your discomfort or facilitate pain relief.
  • Using a knee pillow is very helpful preventing back pain. You could use a knee pillow and sleep on your side to keep the pain away. However, you should avoid sleeping on the stomach or your back. It could worsen your condition.
  • Knee pillows help you to get into a comfortable sleeping position. They make it easy for you to fall asleep. You will wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep.
  • Knee pillows also enable pregnant women to have a restful sleep. They help to maintain a correct posture by offering crucial support and alignment of the hips and pelvis.
  • Knee pillows help to reduce knee pain by ensuring that the knees do not suffer from friction as you sleep.

All in all, a right knee pillow will enable you to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep so that you wake up fresh.

How to choose a right knee pillow?

  • You should avoid purchasing a soft knee pillow as it tends to become flat after short periods of use. A flat knee pillow is of no use to you.
  • A knee pillow with medium firmness is best suited for you. It keeps your knees apart so that you can enjoy a comfortable sleep.
  • You should purchase a knee pillow that matches your body’s weight. It will ensure a proper posture of your body.
  • The best knee pillow should be at least three pounds thick. It will help to support your knees.
  • You should consider purchasing a memory foam knee pillow which is dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic. So, a knee pillow should be safe even when you are prone to allergenic conditions.
  • You should purchase a knee pillow that comes with reasonable guarantees. So, you have the option of returning the pillow in case they don’t meet your needs.
  • You should check online reviews on knee pillows to know customers’ comments on their comfort and ease of use as well as the quality of the product.
  • Always purchase a knee pillow from a reputable brand so that you get longer guarantees and buy quality products.
  • You should buy knee pillows for multi-purpose use. It will allow you to use them while sleeping and also when relaxing.
  • Never buy a substandard knee pillow. It will not solve problems such as knee pain. Moreover, you end up spending more in the long run when you have to replace it.

Types of Knee Pillows

Knee Pillows are available in various types.

However, knee pillows look pretty much alike.

Let’s have a look:

Hourglass Knee Pillow: It’s the most common and the most affordable type of knee pillows. It is shaped like an hourglass. The Hourglass knee pillow prevents your legs from sliding out during sleep. You can also use it between your thighs or on the lower legs.

Wedge Knee Pillow: It is shaped in a triangle form and brings the upper & lower part of your legs in a triangular position. It is immensely useful in lessening lower back pain.

It even facilitates a good position for swollen feet, tired muscles, or varicose veins. Wedge knee pillows are suitable for back sleepers. It inclines the knees as you sit on your back.

Strap on Knee Pillow: The Strap on Knee Pillow features a strap that can be attached to one of your legs. The strap prevents the pillow from moving around during the night. The pillow design is longer than the hourglass one.

Long Knee Pillow: The long knee pillows provide increased support to your lower body and prevent you from turning over in the night. They cradle your entire body along with the knees.

Knee Pillow Buyer’s Guide

Here, we list out some of the important factors that you should consider while buying the best knee pillows for yourself or family.

Purpose: Some knee pillows are meant to enhance your blood circulation. There are others which offer back pain relief.
So, you should first ascertain your need for getting the most out of your purchase.

Material: Knee pillows can be made of various materials such as memory foam, gel, water, etc. Although memory foam pillows are costly than other alternatives, they take the form of the body perfectly well and are hypoallergenic.

Durability: A knee pillow should last long. It should not get flatten, clump, or damaged over time. So, you should check for manufacturer’s guarantee before making a purchase.

Firmness: A knee pillow should have an adequate level of firmness. Moreover, it should not be too soft or too firm. With the right amount of firmness, your knees will experience the comfort and relief from pain.

So, you should opt for a knee pillow that has medium firmness. It keeps the knees apart which are one of the main purposes of a knee pillow.

Thickness: Besides firmness, thickness also plays a vital role in the comfort you derive by using a knee pillow. A thin pillow does not maintain a proper distance between your legs.

Ideally, four to six inches thick knee pillow would offer you the greatest comfort and enough spinal alignment.

Your body weight: The thickness of the knee pillow depends on your body weight. For example, a thicker pillow is suitable for overweight users while a softer pillow is suitable for skinny users.

Flexibility: Enhanced flexibility allows the knee pillows to fold between your knees. In fact, side sleepers like to twist or tuck the pillow. So, you should opt for a knee pillow made of gel, shredded memory foam, water, etc.

Below we have enlisted the best options for knee pillows in the market. They are worth your investment.

Best Knee Pillows

Let’s have a look.

Here are the 10 Best Knee Pillows for Comfort and Pain Relief:

10 Best Knee Pillows for Pain Relief


1. ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

ComfiLife is a renowned manufacturer of top quality cushions and pillows.

Its knee pillow is made for your health & comfort.

With ComfiLife Knee Pillow, you get a good night’s sleep. Its knee pillow offers sciatica relief, back pain relief, hip pain relief, knee & joint pain relief, pregnancy support for a comfortable and heavenly sleep.

It’s a 100% memory foam knee pillow.

It is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably between your legs. It offers ideal spinal alignment and support to reduce sciatica, lower back, hip, knee, or joint pain.

With the ComfiLife Knee Pillow, you finally feel well rested.

It offers maximum support and relief while you sleep.

It is made of 100% high-density cut memory foam which is durable and offers long-lasting comfort.

The pillow is machine washable.

It has a breathable zippered cover.

Product Dimensions – 9.8 x 7.9 x 6.3 inches
Item Weight – 12 ounces

ComfiLife Best Knee Pillow

2. Cushy Form Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Knee Pillow

Cushy Form Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Knee Pillow is best for hip, leg, knee, back, and spine alignment. It’s made of superior memory foam with washable cover. It elevates your upper knee for a comfortable all night’s sleep. With the Cushy Form Knee Pillow, you no more have restless nights!

It offers proper spinal alignment and reduces back, leg, knee, ankle, and hip joint pain. You need to insert the bolster between your knees and sleep on the side. This premium knee pillow offers great comfort for sleeping on your side.

Its unique, contoured design keeps the knee pillow securely in place. Moreover, it has been exclusively crafted for customized, full body support all night long. The Cushy Form Knee Pillow offers the best sleep that you have always dreamed of.

Its innovative knee wedge provides fast-acting relief for different aches and pains. The Cushy Form knee pillow allows you to feel rested, rejuvenated and energized for the day ahead. It aligns your spine and improves blood circulation.

This Cushy Form knee pillow provides safe and fast-acting pain relief for:

Postural Problems
Headaches & Migraines
Before & after knee replacement surgery

It’s made with durable memory foam.

It has a breathable, zippered cover to maintain a comfortable temperature.

It comes with a travel case.

Product Dimensions: 10 x 5.5 x 8 inches; 14.4 ounces
Shipping Weight: 1 pounds

Cushy Form Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief Knee Pillow

3. Cushy Form Back Pain Relief Memory Foam Knee Pillow

This Cushy Form Leg/Knee Pillow can be placed under your knees for elevating your legs while sleeping on your back.

Alternatively, you can position it under your ankles for lifting your feet for better circulation.

It is useful in post-surgery recovery or reducing varicose veins. It relieves low back pain and ideal for sleeping on your side or back.

This Cushy Form knee pillow helps to ease back, leg, knee, ankle, and hip joint pain. It provides proper spinal alignment during sleep.

You need to insert the bolster between your knees and sleep on the side. It’s a bolster pillow with a memory foam top layer. It comes with a breathable and washable organic cotton cover case.

It is multi-purpose knee pillow ideal for side sleepers, back sleepers, during pregnancy or after surgery. The pillow helps to elevate your knees when sleeping. It has unique two-layer design having a memory foam layer on top of a supportive foam core.

Pillow is made of 100% visco-elastic memory foam which is hypoallergenic. It is recommended by physical therapists, chiropractors, doctors, and sports trainers.

It’s best for orthopedic needs such as:

✓ Knee support pillow for back pain relief
✓ Lumbar support pillow while seating
✓ Leg spacer for side sleeping
✓ Ankle elevation to reduce varicose veins
✓ Provides relief during pregnancy

This Half-Moon Bolster with washable Organic Cotton Cover allows for a comfortable full night’s sleep.

Product Dimensions: 20.5 x 8 x 4.5 inches
Item Weight: 1.1 pounds
Manufacturer: Cushy Form

Cushy Form Back Pain Relief Memory Foam Knee Pillow

4. Cushy Cloud Orthopedic Memory Foam Knee Pillow

Cushy Cloud Orthopedic Memory Foam Knee Pillow is best for relieving back, knee, hip, and ankle pain when used the proper way. You need to place the pillow between your thighs or below your knees for getting rid of your specific pain.

It’s a memory foam knee pillow made with 100% medical grade memory foam with a soft velboa cover and a zipper.

Its contoured design conforms to your legs easily and promotes spinal alignment. It offers perfect support for a comfortable night’s sleep. Plus, it retains its shape all throughout the night. The knee pillow comes with a removable cover that is machine washable.

This pillow is perfect for people suffering from hip or back issues.

It is a perfect match if you just had a hip replacement.

It is soft and comfortable making it the perfect maternity pillow.

With this Cushy Cloud Knee Pillow, you can sleep the whole night in great comfort!

Product Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 7 inches
Item Weight: 1.3 pounds

Cushy Cloud Orthopedic Memory Foam Knee Pillow

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5. Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Knee Pillow

The Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Knee Pillow comes with an adjustable and removable strap and earplugs.

It’s a 100% pure memory foam pillow with no additives. It is made of the same material as the world’s best memory foam manufacturers.

Its ergonomic curved design (orthopedic contour) keeps your knees separated offering ideal spacing and support to align your hips, legs, and spine.

Its best relief and treatment for knee, leg, hip, thigh area, pelvis, lower back, spine, arthritis, and sciatic nerve pain.

It can be used by side sleepers and also during pregnancy.

It comes with a removable and adjustable hook-and-loop strap to keep the knee pillow in perfect alignment between the legs when you roll over while sleeping.

Plus, you get two pairs of premium quality memory foam earplugs. It has an industry leading NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of 33.

You face no hassles with the wedge pillow in bed and have a perfect night’s sleep.

Your knee pillow is protected under a lifetime warranty. If anything happens with your pillow, you get a new one at no extra cost.

The Everlasting Comfort offers pain relief and relaxation so that you can have a comfortable night’s sleep.

With this knee pillow, you get the everlasting comfort you deserve.

Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 6 x 8 inches; 1.35 pounds
Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Knee Pillow

6. Ziraki Memory Foam Pillow

The Ziraki Memory Foam Pillow comes as a four position support pillow. It can be used as a knee pillow, lumbar support pillow, leg spacer, and also as a foot pillow.

It supports for back, leg, knee pain relief, and also in conditions of sciatica, pregnancy, after hip & joint surgery.

The pillow aides in better circulation offer gentle comfort and alleviate pressure.

It offers comfortable leg support for your aching feet.

You can place the Ziraki Memory Foam Pillow between your legs on your thighs or knees. It can also be used to elevate and rest your feet. It improves blood flow to your legs and takes the pressure off your feet. Its soft, comforting memory foam is cushioned in a lush velvet cover providing gentle comfort.

It is a dome-shaped pillow for natural pain relief. It’s curved to fit your leg shape perfectly and offers maximum support. It is made with durable and long-lasting memory foam with washable cover. The cover is removable and can be unzipped to wash it when necessary.

It has a sturdy strap for securing the pillow.

It comes with a built-in handle which allows you to carry it with you wherever you go.

Package Dimensions: 16.8 x 8.4 x 4.4 inches
Item Weight: 0.32 ounces

Ziraki Memory Foam Pillow

7. Abco Tech Memory Foam Knee Pillow

Abco Tech Knee Pillow is an ideal choice for hip, back, leg, and knee pain. It offers right spinal alignment and is perfectly suitable for side sleepers and in the condition of pregnancy.

It’s a premium comfortable memory foam wedge contour with washable cover and storage bag.

Using this knee pillow, you can achieve the right alignment when sleeping sideways. It supports the healing action of muscles and ligaments at night.
It’s an incredible solution for such needs.

It improves your sleep quality, and you get a relaxed posture during the night. The pillow eliminates conditions of pain and stress.

It positions your legs, hips, knees, and spine in an alignment that’s best for your body. It’s also ideal as spacers between the knees of a pregnant woman.

It’s made of hypoallergenic material and is studded with removable & washable pillow covers. So, the Abco knee pillow maintains a high level of hygiene easily.

Its 100% visco-elastic memory foam is soft and comfortable between your legs. It provides enough stiffness to uplift your upper knee thus achieving the required alignment. It’s also useful post hip-replacement and knee surgeries.

The Abco knee pillow has amazing quality and functional effectiveness. It can be easily cleaned due to the provision of a removable cover.

It’s made for effective support, pain relief, and better performance.

It feels soft and cozy.

You would be encouraged to use it every day.

It includes a carrying case for convenience.

Product Dimensions: 9.7 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches
Item Weight: 1.15 pounds

Abco Tech Memory Foam Knee Pillow

8. PharMeDoc Memory Foam Knee Pillow

PharMeDoc Memory Foam Knee Pillow is an orthopedic knee wedge pillow for side sleepers. It lowers back pain and hip discomfort associated with sciatica, back problems, as well as other orthopedic conditions.

It’s a firm memory foam knee wedge pillow which elevates legs and opens hips while retaining shape over time. Its ergonomic design perfectly aligns your spine and improves posture.

This knee pillow has been made of a breathable and soft material that promotes airflow and prevents overheating.

It comes with removable 100% cotton wedge pillow cover which is easy to clean up and remains plush after several many washes.

It offers perfect leg and knee support so that you can sleep comfortably. It’s a hypoallergenic memory foam pillow and dust mite resistant. It is latex or lead & BPA – Free.

It provides immediate relief to your legs and aligns your spine to its natural position.

The pillow has a zipper removable pillow cover for easy washing.

Product Dimensions: 11 x 4.5 x 7 inches
Item Weight: 9 ounces

PharMeDoc Memory Foam Knee Pillow

9. Knee-T Medical Grade Knee Pillow

The Knee-T Medical Grade Knee Pillow is immensely suitable for side sleepers. It helps to relieve back pain as well as sciatica pain. It’s made in the USA.
Its unique patented design helps to reduce back pain by evenly supporting & holding the legs in a neutral position. You can use it while on the left or right side lying positions.

In fact, the Knee-T Medical Grade Knee Pillow is being used by thousands of satisfied customers. It will work for you too.

It offers exceptional comfort and reduces back pain for side sleepers. It’s suitable for conditions of sciatica, arthritis, herniated disc, and more.

It’s made with Certi-PUR Certified HR Foam which is hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant.

It offers soft and luxurious feeling.

This pillow perfectly fits between the knees and aligns the hips helping the lumbar spine relax during sleep. It comes with a leg strap to keep the pillow in place all night long.

It comes with a cotton cover which can be removed and hand-washed.

Product Dimensions: 25 x 10 x 3 inches
Item Weight: 1 pounds

Knee-T Medical Grade Knee Pillow

10. Hermell Zero Gravity Elevating Leg Rest Pillow

The Hermell Zero Gravity Elevating Leg Rest Pillow is very useful in conditions of leg pain, back injury, Sciatica pain, and also post-surgery.

It maintains the natural curvature of the lower spine and provides relief from leg pain, back pain, varicose veins, restless leg syndrome, and phlebitis. This pillow even improves blood circulation.

It measures 20” x 26” x 8” and provides a wide platform for both legs to rest on it comfortably. It’s made with high-grade, durable polyurethane foam.
It comes with white cotton blend pillow cover.

So, it is easy to clean.

The Hermell Elevating Leg Rest Pillow has been assembled in the USA.

Product Dimensions: 26 x 20 x 8 inches; 8 ounces
Shipping Weight: 5.2 pounds

Hermell Zero Gravity Elevating Leg Rest Pillow

With this, we come to the end of this presentation on 10 Best Knee Pillows for Comfort and Pain Relief. We hope that the post proves highly useful to you. Please share the post on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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